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Train alongside a small group of members following a pre-planned workout targeting specific muscle groups. Every session is varied so members never feel bored doing the same repetitive exercises day in and day out. We typically start off with a dynamic warm-up or light cardio before hitting the ground running with HIIT, HICT, strength training, powerbuilding, and more.


For folks with limited experience using gym equipment, we got you! Our coaches demonstrate safety precautions and proper form to ensure every member gets the most out of their workout and remains injury-free. Depending on your fitness level/goals, expect increased or decreased weights as well as modifications throughout the course of your initial workouts to help you get accustomed to the exercises and in a fitness first mindset. 


We also provide an accompanying dietary guide and shopping list for you to use as reference when going to the grocery store to ensure you’re making nutritious choices that will keep you on track with your goals. Soon, you may even find a lot of the items becoming your pantry staples!



Work hand in hand with one of our coaches to craft a program that fits your unique individual needs. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build endurance, burn fat, or tone certain areas of your body, our coaches are here to help you make your vision a reality by personalizing a plan that takes your goals into consideration. 


We start by discussing what it is you’re wanting to accomplish -- both short term and long term. From there, we build out a customized workout and meal plan according to your desired goals.


Even when you’re not in the gym, our coaches conduct daily check-ins and offer guidance on ways you can remain active when working from home or while on extended vacations. Our coaches also make it easy for you to reach out to them for nutrition advice throughout the day. So if you’re ever curious about whether a specific food or condiment fits into your meal plan, they’ve got your back!



With 1:1 training, 100% of the focus is on you. You’ll receive all the same benefits as the ones outlined within the Customized Training plan, except you’ll get more individualized attention. You may be wondering, what does this entail, exactly? Simply put, you’ll have access to a private coach who will work with you at your pace and help you achieve targeted results quickly without compromising on quality or technique.

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